What they
say about us:

“Dr. McGowan has a unique talent to provide high quality executive-level summaries of complex issues while providing attention to the correction of every micro-level error of a report or document. In addition to her deserved reputation as an academic researcher, she is an exceptional project manager and quality control expert. I have benefitted tremendously from over six years of high quality performance from Dr. McGowan. Her research, writing, editorial, and leadership competencies are of the highest quality.”

Michael Bettman PhD

Clear, coherent,
consistent, correct.

As experienced professionals, we know the standards to which other professionals are held. We are a research, writing, and editing company working globally to serve clients in academic, community-based, and government settings to address health, mental health, addictions, criminal justice, environment, policy, Aboriginal, and gender issues or conduct performance measurement. Our team of experts has content knowledge, experience, and formal training in writing, editing, proofreading, indexing, performance measurement, and research.

Our clients are typically:

Professional, technical, government, or scientific organizations
in need of research and analysis, proposal or report writers, literature reviews, backgrounder documents, discussion papers, editing, proofreading, indexing, fact checking, or copyright search / permissions.
Scholars, including those for whom English is a second language, who need help preparing a manuscript for submission to an English-language journal or scholarly press or a grant proposal for project funding.
Graduate students seeking a professional copy editor or proofreader for a thesis or dissertation.
Authors of nonfiction who require editing, proofreading, or indexing of their books, book chapters, or journal articles; copyright search and permissions for previously published materials; or project management.


My mission is to ensure that my client’s communication is clear, consistent, concise, and correct.


  • Authenticity
  • Ingenuity
  • Persistence
  • Planning
  • Respect
  • Clarity

Business Principles

For each project, ensure that the client is crystal clear on the process, expectations (client of me and me of client), deliverables, and schedule. (and fee).

a) Writing

  • Conduct research as needed for each project.
  • Write in a clear, active, and direct voice.
  • Produce original material.
  • Quote or paraphrase sources accurately. Understand and source that which is most credible to the intended audience.
  • Include diverse voices as sources whenever possible. Cite authors, not just organizations.
  • Check facts.

b) Editing

  • Confirm and maintain client’s preferred style.
  • Maintain (and learn from) a library of current style manuals and grammar guides.
  • Retain/respect the author’s or client’s voice.
  • Maintain consistency and accuracy throughout each document.
  • Check everything at least twice. Run spellcheck and PerfectIt.

c) Proofreading

  • Stick to the proofreading perspective — maintain the distinction between proofreading and editing

d) All Projects

  • Be reliable.
  • Meet or beat deadlines.
  • Provide quality and consistency.
  • Be accessible and responsive.
  • Provide new insights and resources.
  • Respond to clients promptly, pleasantly, and tactfully.
  • Track and respond to new trends and tools as they arise.
  • Continually learn new techniques and adapt to new technology.
  • Give clients more than they ask for.
  • Develop a network of colleagues for support in case of an emergency.
  • Respect and learn from colleagues.
  • Share resources and opportunities with colleagues.
  • Communicate clearly. Keep a digital paper trail.
  • Encourage the best from your authors and let them see that you recognize when they do something quite right.
  • Always follow up with a thank-you note. And send them a season’s greetings card each year.
  • Ask them to let you know about the outcome of their project; match their excitement when they are successful but be encouraging (realistically) when the outcome is less than they’d hoped.
  • Keep accurate records and track the work and time spent against the client fees paid.
  • Always provide a clear contract, invoices, and receipts.

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